Franklin Construction Co.
Riverton, IL  217.629.7201


Some of our recent projects include the following:

Apartment Complex

A unique, planned rental community  in Riverton, Illinois.  Franklin Construction Co. builds distinctive duplexes, apartments and homes. 

For more information, or to visit available apartments contact 217.629.7201.

Residential Homes

Franklin Construction Co. builds a home that combines the comfort and cozy feelings with the space of a large luxury home. Vaulted ceilings and a remarkable great room make this a comfortable home that feels like a vacation retreat.

Commercial Building and Renovations

Building Features: This 50,000 square foot, three-story hotel building is located in southern Illinois. Enhanced wood work and craftsmanship make this one of the best built Sleep Inn hotels.   Completed in November 2008.


Concrete and Excavation

Franklin Construction Co. performs concrete and excavation services.  Providing up to date technology using grid skills and accurate drainage to provide overall performance of concrete surfaces. Excavation work for building foundations, driveways, roadways and curbing.   For more information contact us at 217.629.7201.

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